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Make Money With Open Ads

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There are many websites out there that show you ways of making money with little or a lot of effort. With Open Ads you can start making money by doing very little.
Do you own a car? If yes, continue reading:
With Open Ads you can list your vehicle for Australian brands to advertise on similar to sponsorships on race cars. This often looks like a logo/phone listing on the side of your car which is installed and removed professionally.
If you want to start making money (at least $200 a week!) sign up to become an Open Ads driver.
Advertisers such as LJ Hooker, McDonalds & Radio stations select drivers based on your driving habits so please fill out as much information as possible. We’ll contact you once there is a hit to have their ad installed on your car so you can start making money!

Get paid to drive

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Will Companies Really Pay Me to Drive My Car??

Companies pay good money to have you drive a car wrapped in their advertisements!

Just like you, we thought it sounded good. With the price of gas what it is, getting paid to drive would be sweet! People might even drive the weinermobile if it meant more money coming in to my pocket than going out.

It’s simple, you learn. A no-brainer money making activity.


Can You Get Paid to Drive Ads on Cars?

In a word, Yes. Here’s why:

Imagine yourself as an advertiser. Say you’re the ad executive for I’ve Tried That and you have a fixed budget to spend on advertising each quarter. You decide you’re going to wrap someone’s car in I’ve Tried That ads and pay the owner to drive it around. To get the most bang for your buck, you want to reach the largest possible number of people in the target demographic. That means you’re looking for a car and driver only in densely populated urban areas with lots of stay-at-home moms and others looking to supplement their income by working from home. OpenAds connects advertisers with drivers for their targeted campaigns!

Our most successful drivers:

  1. live in a large city
  2. drive a cool car
  3. AND drive lots of kms’s every month

Don’t Pay for Get-Paid-to-Drive Information!

It’s s free to sign up for our drivers, there’s no need to pay for “an exclusive list”. So sign up!

Open Ads

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Getting Your ads out there!

We work with Australian brands to get their message seen.
We pay everyday car drivers for driving with an advertisement on their car. This allows advertisers to get their message seen in an original way and reach a wider area of people, while also allowing our programs’ car drivers to make money for something they do already.