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"By far the best decision I've ever made. Our ads are seen within the local community and OpenAds truly understand the value of brand exposure. I would highly recommend trailing OpenAds as it's had a positive ROI for our Real Estate franchise."

− Greg Ross, LJ Hooker

"The installation process was simple and I was making $200 a month for doing nothing out of the 'norm'. The most looks I would get would be in traffic lining up to get over the Harbor Bridge - I totally get why Open Ads is so successful. "

− Jeff Gemmell, OpenAds Driver

"Advertising in Melbourne using OpenAds was the best marketing decision we've ever made. We see local cars drive near our coffee shop and business has never been better! We've become more involved with the local community and our drivers seem to be brand ambassadors as well as brand advertisers. "

− Mark Levin, Adore Coffee
Thousand kms per driver
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Million cars in Australia
Billion kilometres annually

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