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Everyone likes the idea of money for nothing. So when someone offers to pay you to drive your own car, you can hardly refuse. All you have to do is let us place the stylish advertising of our carefully chosen business partners on your vehicle, and you simply get on with your life and take the cash.
With the cost of petrol constantly going up, and what seems like just about everything else, this is your exciting chance to get paid without altering your daily routine.

How We Work

Our easy process:

Driver Application

We ask some simple questions about where you normally drive


We then match you to a brand that likes your driving habits

Drive and Get Paid

We wrap your car and send you a cheque each month


We take the ad off at the end of the campaign

Do I have to pay?

No, it is totally free to register as a driver.

Driver Selection

Drivers wait until we contact them, then they can accept the offer to advertise for the brand.

Modern Materials

We use only the highest quality material in our printing to ensure that there is no damage to your car.

Driving Habits

You have been selected based on your nominated driving pattern so there is no need for you to change your driving habits. Just go about your normal life like nothing has changed

Can anyone be a driver?

You must be over 18, be the owner of the vehicle and have valid third party insurance. The vehicle must be registered for the duration of your contract period.

Get Paid!

You will earn $200 per month for vinyl’s installed on both sides of the car or on the back window.

Partial Wrap

The ad will not cover your entire car, only the sides or rear window

Car Paint Safe

The ad is printed on vinyl which is a completely safe sticker for car paint

We take off

We remove the vinyl at the end of the campaign so there is no damage

The advertising will consist of 2 banners on the sides of your car measuring approximately 150cm x 35cm or a one way vision banner on your back window measuring approximately 80cm x 40cm. The banners on the sides will usually go from your door handles down, and the one way vision simply means that you can still see out of your car but people can’t see in. You can choose from 85 installation locations Australia wide for your convenience, and the installation only takes about 2 hours. We use only the highest quality material in our printing to ensure that there is no damage to your car.

Expect to earn around $50 per week for driving!

By becoming an Open Ads driver, you can earn thousands of dollars a year just by driving as you always do- no strings attached. Our exciting list of advertisers are looking for drivers whose profile match their business needs. It is FREE to register so sign up today and tell your friends about this exciting new opportunity.

"By far the best decision I've ever made. Our ads are seen within the local community and OpenAds truly understand the value of brand exposure. I would highly recommend trailing OpenAds as it's had a positive ROI for our Real Estate franchise."

− Greg Ross, LJ Hooker

"The installation process was simple and I was making $200 a month for doing nothing out of the 'norm'. The most looks I would get would be in traffic lining up to get over the Harbor Bridge - I totally get why Open Ads is so successful. "

− Jeff Gemmell, OpenAds Driver

"Advertising in Melbourne using OpenAds was the best marketing decision we've ever made. We see local cars drive near our coffee shop and business has never been better! We've become more involved with the local community and our drivers seem to be brand ambassadors as well as brand advertisers. "

− Mark Levin, Adore Coffee
Thousand kms per driver
/10 people take a car to work
Million cars in Australia
Billion kilometres annually

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