Make Money With Open Ads

By June 24, 2015 Uncategorised 3 Comments
There are many websites out there that show you ways of making money with little or a lot of effort. With Open Ads you can start making money by doing very little.
Do you own a car? If yes, continue reading:
With Open Ads you can list your vehicle for Australian brands to advertise on similar to sponsorships on race cars. This often looks like a logo/phone listing on the side of your car which is installed and removed professionally.
If you want to start making money (at least $200 a week!) sign up to become an Open Ads driver.
Advertisers such as LJ Hooker, McDonalds & Radio stations select drivers based on your driving habits so please fill out as much information as possible. We’ll contact you once there is a hit to have their ad installed on your car so you can start making¬†money!


  • aliza says:

    Hi I drive a Nissan Elgrand highwaystar e51 . It is a nice big van which really gets noticed. Its luxurious and in pristine condition. I drive around a lot. The areas I frequent daily are st kilda east, bentleigh east, moorabbin, brighton and surrounding areas.

  • salarmmcm says:

    Hi , I drive a cute squeez green ford fiesta around 150 k / day. I drive within western and eastern suburbs.

  • tammy holt says:

    Hi i have a holden sportswagon i would love to advertise your adds i am forever taking kids on outings to popular areas email me if you want me to advertise on my wagon?